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Career Opportunity: Program Officer

Job Description

Job Title: Program Officer
Reports to: Senior Program Officer
Work Schedule: Full-time
FSLA Status: Exempt
Date: May 28, 2019

Our mission is to support education, health and human services and community enhancement initiatives that enrich the quality of life for Oklahomans.


The Program Officer is responsible for managing relationships with grantees of Inasmuch Foundation’s education, health and human services, community enhancement, and journalism initiatives. The Program Officer works directly with grantees throughout the state as well as involved business and community leaders. In parallel, the Program Officer works in conjunction with Inasmuch Foundation’s executive management and program staff to develop and execute long-term strategies of the Foundation, manage projects, sponsorships, funded grants, and build strong coalitions and partnerships with other funders and community representatives. The Program Officer works in a small, highly collaborative team within a fast-paced environment.


The Program Officer is responsible for all aspects involved in day-to-day operations involving the programs and projects funded or supported by the Foundation including the following:

• Formulate the Foundation’s strategic initiatives with program team and present those initiatives to Foundation executive management, the advisory committee and board
• Promote the Foundation’s initiatives to stakeholders throughout metropolitan area and the state
• Build, cultivate, and maintain relationships with grantees, community leaders and local nonprofit personnel through regular communication and discussion of grants, policy and other issues
• Meet regularly with elected officials and government employees to maximize efforts
• Serve as a strategic thought partner with businesses, nonprofit organizations, government representatives and others to maximize, promote, and provide community information about the foundation’s strategic initiatives
• Convene community leaders to solve issues facing the local community and the state by identifying gaps in leadership, services, and community needs and funding while also identifying and encouraging ways to create efficiencies, improve quality and access to resources, and discouraging duplication
• Represent the Foundation at various community events, including special events of nonprofit organizations, task forces, and groups and committees involved with civic and community improvement and collaborative community efforts
• Serve at the direction of the Foundation as a participating, ad hoc, ex officio, advisory, or director of partner agencies and nonprofit organization boards
• Actively participate in fundraising activities and events involving initiatives, programs, and projects to create long-term sustainability
• Monitor local, regional, and national trends, including government policy trends, to inform grant making and policy work
• Monitor state and federal opportunities for funding and leverage the Foundation’s support to increase competitiveness for organizations based in Oklahoma
• Develop budgets, identify and establish pertinent metrics, and identify outcomes relating to community needs and community benefits in coordination with grantees, focusing on the development of positive relationships, in order to allow the Foundation to ask tough questions, critically evaluate plans and strategies, offer constructive criticism, and make unpopular decisions (including decisions to disapprove projects and requests for support)
• Assist, and as appropriate, coordinate with grantees throughout the grant-making process; from crafting proposals that best communicate the organization’s strengths, through post-grant verification
• Review and evaluate sponsorship requests, letters of inquiry, proposals for funding, and grant applications, and provide advice, and recommendations relating to funding and support
• Assist in setting agendas, devising logistics, and creating organizational approaches for meetings of the board, board committees, and the advisory committee
• Inform the advisory committee of current initiatives, plans and strategies through direct communication between cycles
• Connect grantees with other organizations and agencies when appropriate and demonstrate exceptional community relations
• Organize site visits, conferences and other meetings of diverse sizes
• Consult with legal counsel, accountants, and consultants on behalf of the Foundation when necessary
• Develop new skill sets as needed such as knowledge of laws and regulations about opportunity zones, new market tax credits, urban development grants, and community action grants
• Assist the Chairman and CEO, other Foundation management staff, and the Program team as necessary
• Develop appropriate parameters for the Program staff relating to communications with grantees and prospective grantees, grant applicants, and others relating to confidentiality of internal decisions, which may include favorable and unfavorable comments, preferences, and internal information

The Program Officer is expected to work well with others and maintain courteous and professional communications with Foundation staff and those with relationships with the Foundation.

Minimum Requirements and Competencies:

The minimum job requirements and competencies include:
• Bachelor’s degree
• Achieve a standard of excellence with the Foundation’s work processes, comply with policies and pertinent regulatory requirements
• Understands how to maintain positive community relationships and manage effective communication processes
• Be helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, build strong working relationships within a collaborative work environment
• Take responsibility and initiative for timely work products
• Be receptive to feedback, willing to learn, and embracing continuous improvement.
• Basic knowledge in review of financial statements and financial projections
• Ability to prepare business correspondence, proposal, summary, and report using prescribed formats. Ability to communicate distinctly. Ability to make presentations with poise and control.
• Planning and organizational skills utilizing time-management and project-management abilities
• Analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
• Self-starter with the ability to prioritize and accomplish a variety of tasks and goals with little supervision
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal, & written communication skills

To Apply:

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Please include in the cover letter information that reflects the applicant’s qualifications for the position and salary expectations.

Inasmuch Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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