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Below is a list of our most
frequently asked questions.

What types of projects/ programs does EEJF fund?

The Foundation has four program areas: Investigative Reporting, Professional Development, Oklahoma Journalism and Special Opportunities. Within each of these program areas, the Foundation gives special preference to programs focusing on ethics and new media.

What types of requests are not funded?

We are unable to support:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Individuals
  • Endowment funds

How do I apply?

Submit a Letter of Inquiry through our website.  For the summer grant cycle, LOIs must be submitted by May 15th.  For the winter grant cycle, LOIs must be submitted by November 15th.

May I submit more than one letter of inquiry?

Organizations are limited to a single letter of inquiry per year, though a letter may contain more than one request.  We prefer, however, that letters propose the project with the most pressing need.

When will I know whether or not I may submit an application?

For the summer cycle, we will send an email by June 1st with the results of our LOI review. For the winter cycle, we will send an email by December 1st.

If invited, how much time do I have to complete the application?

A link to our online application will be included in your invitation to apply.  You will have two weeks to submit the online application.

When will funding decisions be made?

Funding decisions will be made at the end of January and July.

I started a letter of inquiry through your website, but when I returned to the link to complete it, it was blank.

The letter of inquiry link will always begin a new letter of inquiry.  To return to a letter of inquiry in process, use the link in the automatic email generated when you set up your account.  This link is also available on the application page.

I pulled up my letter of inquiry through my account page but it's not showing the most recent version. I know I saved it. What happened?

It may be a cache issue.  Delete your temporary internet files and try again.  This link may be helpful:

I do not have all the required documents in an electronic format. How can I submit them?

Contact us via email at and we’ll send instructions.

Can't I just email my letter of inquiry?

No, we will only accept letters completed through our online process.

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