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Proposals to Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation are initiated through our online Grant Request System. To be considered, submit a Letter of Inquiry by 5:00 p.m. CST May 15th or November 15th. Letters will be accepted beginning two months before the deadline. Should the 15th fall on a weekend or national holiday, the request will be due the following business day.



The application process begins with a letter of inquiry. To begin, access the link below to initiate your inquiry. An email link will be sent for verification, you must complete that action to gain access. You can then save this form prior to completion and login at a later date.




If you have begun working on a Letter of Inquiry and want to edit it later, you can access it from the button below.



The link you received via email confirmation will also allow you access to an incomplete grant application.

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation’s mission is to invest in the future of journalism by building the ethics, skills and opportunities needed to advance principled, probing news and information now and for the future.

EEJF does so through contributions to media institutions and journalism schools nationwide, primarily in areas of investigative reporting, youth education, professional development, and special opportunities.


Grant Guidelines:

The Foundation has four program areas: Investigative Reporting, Professional Development, Oklahoma Journalism and Special Opportunities. Within each of these program areas, the Foundation gives special preference to programs focusing on ethics and new media.

Investigative Reporting

Through its support of non-profit investigative organizations and educational institutions, the Foundation seeks to:

  • Increase the quantity, quality and ethical standards of investigative reporting and watchdog journalism on state and local issues;
  • Stimulate and nurture the development of organizations, infrastructures, services, collaborations and business models that can help secure a future for investigative reporting and watchdog journalism;
  • Encourage the development of digital innovations that make data about state and local issues more available to the public.

Oklahoma Journalism

The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of journalism and journalists produced in Oklahoma through its support of journalism programs at non-profits and educational institutions in the state.

Professional Development

Through its support of professional development programs at non-profits and educational institutions, the Foundation seeks to:

  • Improve the credibility and impact of journalism;
  • Stimulate adherence to the highest ethical standards and practices by both traditional and new media;
  • Sustain and encourage more journalism that produces civic results;
  • Help journalists make use of new tools and new outlets for their work;
  • Increase and renew the enthusiasm of journalists for their important work.

Special Opportunities

The Foundation considers applications for journalism initiatives with special promise or distinction, particularly collaborative efforts.

If your project meets our funding guidelines, click here to begin a letter of inquiry.

The Foundation makes grants to journalism schools and other non-profit organizations focused on the news media.

In most cases the foundation will NOT fund:

Book publishing
Literacy programs
Grants to individuals
International organizations
Personal research projects
Equipment/youth education
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