Requests & Online Portal

What types of requests are not funded?

We are unable to support:

  • Endowment funds 
  • For-profit organizations 
  • Individuals 
  • Requests outside of our focus areas
  • Scholarships 
How do I apply?

All requests must be submitted through our grantmaking software Foundant.  Requests for the Spring Grant Cycle may be submitted January through February 15th.  For the Fall Grant Cycle, requests may be submitted July through August 15th.  

I am having trouble navigating Foundant. What do I do?

Please review the following video for an overview on how to navigate Foundant.

If you have additional questions, please email the grants manager

Does Inasmuch Foundation serve a specific geographic area?

For grantmaking within the Community & Civic Engagement, Education, and Human Services focus areas, Inasmuch Foundation’s geographic priority is the Oklahoma City. It is very unlikely for us to fund organizations outside of the Oklahoma City core. For Journalism grantmaking, Inasmuch Foundation supports nonprofit journalism organizations nationwide. 

Current Grantees

The person who submitted our request documents is no longer with our organization. How can I gain access to his/her online account?

To gain access to past grant applications and other documents in the grants portal, contact us at grants@inasmuchfoundation.org.  We can update your organization account and delegate access. 

May I submit more than one funding request? How often may I apply?

Organizations are limited to a single request per year.  When applying, organizations should consider all potential requests for the year including any event sponsorship requests.  

When will funding decisions be made?

Funding decisions are announced in May and November.

I do not have all of the required documents in an electronic format. How can I submit them?

Contact us via email at grants@inasmuchfoundation.org  and we’ll send instructions. 

Can I mail or email my funding request?

No. All requests for funding must be submitted through Foundant, the grantmaking management system. 

How do I apply for an event sponsorship?

The sponsorship application is available here. Organizations will be limited to a single sponsorship request in a 12-month period. Organizations planning to submit a grant request and a sponsorship request should include the sponsorship request within the grant application. Please keep the following in mind when considering applying for a sponsorship: 

  • Inasmuch Foundation will review sponsorship requests once the application has been completed in the online grantmaking management system. 
  • All sponsorship requests should be submitted a minimum of 3 months prior to the event. The typical turnaround time is 3 – 4 weeks.